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Women's Charles Brown Tee

Women's Charles Brown Tee

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Charlie Brown has always been a personal hero of mine. Nothing ever goes his way. He's the weird one. He's bald. He doesn't get the girl. He doesn't get to kick the football. He never wins the game. Yet whenever everyone else is quitting and complaining, he keeps attacking every single thing he does with an unstoppable optimism and sense of enthusiasm.
Charlie Brown doesn't know the meaning of the word quit.
There's some really cool fan art that has come out over the years that inspired me to have the team re-imagine Charles Brown in a post-apocalyptic world. While the other grownups died by droves, clung to their security blankets, or hoped for something better, we think Charles would be out there making it work, thriving in a hardened world, with his trusty Beagle by his side.
He's been preparing for this his whole life.


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