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David and Goliath T-Shirt

David and Goliath T-Shirt

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The story of David versus Goliath is one of courage in the face of adversity. David, then a young shepherd, answered the call that an entire army would not - to face Goliath in mortal combat. Eschewing the King?s personal set of armor in favor of the speed and flexibility he knew he'd need, David accomplished the unthinkable -the impossible - he laid Goliath out on the ground cold with his slingshot.

Refusing to give Goliath the chance to recover, he then seized the giant's own sword and severed the behemoth's head. It was the first action in what would turn into one of the most impressive military careers in all of history. David showcased the truth of the battlefield: hard men with courage, skill, and violence of action will overcome any obstacle and gain victory.


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