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Desert Storm Racing Team T-Shirt

Desert Storm Racing Team T-Shirt

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We don't always go to war, but when we do . . . sometimes it only takes a few days of ground combat and a month of a relentless air strikes to decimate a nation's armed forces. Yes, we're talking about Desert Shield/Desert Storm, one of the most epic military campaigns in the history of the world. Old Uncle Saddam got a little greedy back in the early 90s. He was so greedy that he decided it would be appropriate to invade his tiny neighbor, Kuwait. Nobody likes a bully, so some of the other neighbors got together and decided they needed to force him back into his property. Enter Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, UAE, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, Bangladesh and the United States of America. They organized, had a clear mission, and had a clear plan. The next step was to launch an assault that made Hitler's Invasion into Poland look like a bush league campaign. The reclamation of Kuwait essentially turned into a drag race between nations over who could do the most damage to Iraqi Forces. We're talking, a straight free-for-all. Air. Armor. Infantry. Naval power. Everyone was getting theirs. It all culminated on Highway 80 during the last days, when allied pilots set the real life difficulty level to easy and went to town on fleeing Iraqi forces. Did you participate in the great race of '91? We have a shirt for you.


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