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Devil's Brigade T-Shirt

Devil's Brigade T-Shirt

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There wasn't time for nationalistic differences in WWII. The free world had to pull her best resources, consolidate them, and get them to accomplish the mission. There are few better examples than the Devil's Brigade of the US 5th Army. They weren't just some of America's finest, they brought in the best from Canada as well. They became the predecessors to both modern American and Canadian special operations forces. German forces eventually became terrified of the Devil's Brigade capabilities. So much so that Devil's Brigade owned their reputation by coming up with the motto (in German), "Das dicke Ende kommt noch!" In English: "The worst is yet to come" From 1942 to 1944, they wreaked havoc in places like the Aleutian Islands, Italy, and Southern France. They were some of the best of the western world, a coalition of North America's best, brightest, and hardest. They were the Devil's Brigade.


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