GFOD Level Of Our Training T-Shirt

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Level of Our Training
Call it what you want, drills, training, reps, practice, whatever. It’s the activity that gets us to an ever-advancing end state. What is that end state? The ability to react to a given circumstance without conscious thought and with a constantly evolving degree of skill. Our goal is, and should always be to rewire ourselves for superior performance. A never-ending stream of updated apps in our brain housing groups to maximize action and reaction. When the time comes to do the work and you get the mental notification that you need version 2.0 to continue, it’s probably too late.
Leave nothing to chance. Train, practice, drill, take reps. Make sure your lowest level of training is sufficient to prevent catastrophic failure. Or you can hope to rise to the occasion, and we all know that hope is not a plan.


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