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Good Whiskey
George Washington had his own distillery. Yup. In 1799 he barreled and bottled 11,000 gallons of rye, making him the largest producer in America at the time. George also spent roughly 7% of his paycheck on booze while in office. The bar tab at his “farewell party”? $15,000 in today’s money.
Shortly after leaving office Washington sat down for an interview with Brian Williams from NBC News. Williams had been embedded with Washington’s troops at Valley Forge years prior where he learned of the then General’s lust for the sweet, brown nectar. Here’s a small piece of the transcript from the interview.
Williams: Mr. President, I understand that you have your own distillery. Are you that much of an alcoholic that you had to make it yourself?
Washington: Great question B-rye! No, no, not an alcoholic. I just really enjoy drinking whiskey. You know, it makes dealing with the press much easier too. Kind of numbs the soul a little. You’ll notice I didn’t slap the taste out of your mouth for asking me if I was a drunk just now. That’s how I know it works. And you know what they say; Too much good whiskey is barely enough!
(Most of what you just read is true)


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