Hong Kong Independence Orchid T-Shirt

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America didn't gain its independence through silent complacency. It started with the voice of the people. Hong Kong has taken a stand and has refused to be silenced. The people of Hong Kong, recognizing that their independence and freedoms were being expunged, took to the streets in peaceful protest. They were met with escalating state violence and threats from China that is currently amassing troops on the boarder of Hong Kong. Still, the people of Hong Kong persisted. They called for the same freedom that we in the United States enjoy. They sang the American national anthem and chanted USA in the streets. They have been battered by police, threatened, arrested, and many have disappeared in an attempt by the Chinese government to quell the protests. Even in America, corporate organizations backed by mainland China's money suppressed American opinions on social media and supported the Chinese government.

We believe in freedom for all people. We support those who are willing to fight for the independence as our forefathers did to make this great country. We stand in support of Hong Kong independence.


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