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I Will Never Apologize for Being American T-Shirt

I Will Never Apologize for Being American T-Shirt

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People forget. People talk about rights, but forget how we obtained them. People talk about how "fortunate" we are but forget the work ethic that drove us to success. People call us arrogant but forget that little chip on our shoulder is exactly what makes us believe we can do what used to be called "the impossible". Our history was carved out of the wilderness, against all odds, by hard men who fought for every tiny bit of what they could get ? every freedom, every opportunity, every dollar. And with every generation, it got just a little bit better. As a nation we sacrificed, sometimes in blood on the fields of battle, sometimes with sweat in the fields and factories, sometimes through long hours in the boardrooms throughout the nation and the world. But we've earned it. WE. HAVE. EARNED. IT. And while it is annoying to hear someone from another nation scoff at us, it is easier to stomach. All nations have pride. All nations criticize other nations. But when it comes from within ? When Americans criticize, not aspects of society or the nation, which we should and must do, but instead lament our entire civilization as unfit, ignorant, or somehow unworthy of the rest of the world; when they pretend to be Canadian when travelling overseas; when they talk to members of other nations about some profound wisdom that they possess that the average American doesn't well, we like to punch these people right in the balls. Better men and women than we have sacrificed everything for generations to give us the opportunities we have ? the freedoms we have. We can either take advantage of them and keep changing the world in amazing new ways, as Americans always have, or we can whine, bitch and complain like thankless, spoiled children. For us this is simple. I will never apologize for being American.


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