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In This Sign I Conquer T-Shirt

In This Sign I Conquer T-Shirt

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The Crusades have always been a contentious subject. People often want to draw lines in the sand of historical analysis. It's not as simple as the bad guys invading the good guys or the good guys invading the bad guys. There were non-religious, politically-motivated reasons leading into Europe's first and subsequent excursions into the Holy Land. There were many things that happened while the Europeans were there, an intense exchange of technology, religion and culture that the world had only seen a few times before. And, after the Europeans were expelled by Saladin and forced home, Europe would be forever changed because of the returning Crusaders, many of whom had spent their entire lives in the Middle East. What we do know is that the Cross was the symbol of all those who went to and returned from the Crusades. It was the symbol of those who died there. In Hoc Signo Vinces, the Latin for In This Sign You Will Conquer is a calling. It's not just for the religious in practice, but for the adventurers at heart. It's for those who have stared from the distance at an unknown world and set out to make their mark on it.


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