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LEO Keep Your Powder Dry T-Shirt

LEO Keep Your Powder Dry T-Shirt

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Donut Powder Dry
It’s like the old saying “Keep your powder dry” only for cops because it’s a donut joke. Powdered donuts to be specific. There’s nothing better than getting a pack of powdered mini-donuts at the stop and rob at 2 am and shoving them in your face and washing them down with scalding hot, crappy coffee while you drive to the next call for service. The second-best thing is showing up on that call looking like Scarface with white powder all down the front of your dark blue uniform and just a speck on the tip of your nose from that pot hole you hit just as you were making donut to mouth contact. Nothing screams Community Oriented Policing like being covered in your own food when dealing with the community's finest. But they’re the cat’s meow.


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