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Live As A Lion TBL T-Shirt

Live As A Lion TBL T-Shirt

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It's easy to get caught up in the negative. It's easy to read news report after news report highlighting crime, and violence, and evil. It's easy to begin to believe that everyone is jaded and corrupt. What isn't easy is putting on your uniform and walking the tough beats, patrolling the rough streets, and putting yourself in harm's way so that the evil that lives in this world can be separated from the citizenry. It's isn't easy being a cop. In takes a tremendous amount of bravery to face the worst of humanity every single day. But you keep doing it anyway. Because we need you to.

Every time I see a riot and I see people destroying a neighborhood or I see a gunman who is shooting up a city street or I see a story of a sex slavery ring broken up or some other atrocity, I ask myself, "what kind of people are these?" and I lose hope, but in every case, in that same video frame, there is a police officer, holding back the rabble, rushing the gunman, or kicking in the door to save children, and their courage reminds me that there's a lot more good in this world.

In valor there is hope.


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