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Lord Have Mercy Vintage Shirt

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There's a growing belief in America and the Western World that people deserve a million chances, that terrorists are just like us, but misunderstood, and that if we were only more cognizant of other cultures feelings, we'd all live in perfect harmony. The truth of the matter is that we?re sure our enemies have a thousand good reasons why they want us dead. We're sure that their cultures, personal religious beliefs, or views on life point them towards the notion that the only path to righteousness is to wipe us, our families, and our culture off the face of the Earth. But that ain't gonna happen, because you're standing on that wall. The rest of our society can make excuses for our enemies, explain how it is our fault, drop clichés like "violence begets violence" and "an eye for an eye just leaves the world blind". But you guys? You're just gonna kill the bastards. May the Lord have mercy on my enemies...because I won't.


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