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Mad Jack Churchill Hoodie

Mad Jack Churchill Hoodie

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Mad Jack Churchill was the last man to get a longbow kill in war.

It was World War II, not some distant oldie tyme battle. Picture it. Tanks. Bombers. Grenades. Machine guns. And Ol' Jack Churchill just pulls back on the string and starts firing arrows at dudes...while playing the bagpipes and wielding a claymore.

Three years later in the war, his unit was outnumbered and basically so destroyed by the German machine-gun fire that only four men were still standing when they got to within grenade range. Churchill was walking steadily at them playing the bagpipes when a grenade blast wounded him and knocked him unconscious.

He woke to find himself on his way to a concentration camp...which he escaped. He then walked 150 miles to the sea and was captured just shy of the allied lines, and was placed in another concentration camp...which he escaped. He found his way to the Americans just as the European War was ending.

Churchill promptly rejoined his British Commando Unit and headed to the Pacific, but arrived just as the Americans dropped the atomic bombs that ended the war. He famously stated, "If it wasn't for the Yanks, we could have kept this war going another 10 years!"


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