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Made for a Violent World T-Shirt

Made for a Violent World T-Shirt

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The world is a mean, nasty, and unforgiving place. It always has been. Religion or no religion, resources or no resources, people will be people. They will steal, murder, rape, pillage, etc. It's not your job to hope and pray for a better future. It's your job to make a better future happen. You must be the righteous one among villains. You must be ready to fight if necessary. Many people deny these realities. They want to bury their heads in the ground and wait for someone else to end the pain. You're not that person. You realize that pacifism is only convenient to those who are ready to be victims. Don't be a victim. Don't let others be a victim. God made me to live and work in a violent world that most people pretend doesn't exist.


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