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Members Only Original Operator T-Shirt

Members Only Original Operator T-Shirt

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Planned in partial secrecy, Washington lead a column of Continental Army Troops across the icy Delaware River in a logistically challenging and dangerous operation. Other planned crossings in support of the operation were either called off or ineffective, but this did not prevent Washington from surprising and defeating the troops of Johann Rall quartered in Trenton. The army crossed the river back to Pennsylvania, this time laden with prisoners and military stores took as a result of the battle.

If surprising your enemy on Christmas in a surprise attack to establish your fight for eventual freedom isn't operator, we don't know what is.

You're a dirty player, George. But then again, that's American battle policy even to this day. We come to win and strive to ensure that the fight is never fair. You truly are the original operator of this country. You showed what a deadly combination of surprise and bravery can accomplish in just a few hours.

All hail the first president and the original operator!


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