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Memento Mori T-Shirt

Memento Mori T-Shirt

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When you're sitting on a couch, pushing off what you need to do until tomorrow, when you put off spending time with your family, when you are afraid to take a risk for fear of failure, remember that you will die.

We often fail to act out of fear. We worry about our "legacy". We worry about what others will think. We worry that it will be hard. We worry that there will be a better time down the road. None of that matters.

We have an extremely finite time to do everything we will ever do. Every wasted day is gone forever. Everyone you know will be dead some day and even the greatest among us will see their legacy fade to nothingness, and even if it were to remain for all time, what difference would it be to you? You'll be dead.

You only have right now. The only guarantee is right now. You could be dead in an hour. You could be dead tomorrow.

What are you doing with your right now?

Memento Mori. Remember You Will Die. Let this not be a warning, but a spark that ignites the fire within to drive you.


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