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Merrill's Marauders T-Shirt

Merrill's Marauders T-Shirt

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5307th Composite Unit (provisional) AKA Merrill's Marauders has the type of history that you think would only exist in the movies. The commander of the Unit, Frank D. Merrill, was so tough that the man had not one, but two heart attacks during a campaign and refused to be evacuated from the battlefield. Camp Merrill, where what most Ranger Students feel is the most arduous phase of training, the mountain phase, is conducted, is named after him. In five months Merrill?s Marauders fought five major engagements through some of the densest jungle on the planet, traveling farther than any other Army jungle unit ever had. Conditions were so poor for the Marauders that by the end of the campaign only two of the 2,997 men were not hospitalized for wounds or severe sickness. Just surviving that would have been a major feat of human endurance, but these men didn't just endure, they kicked ass. As a mere example, in their final major engagement, Myitkyina Airfield, the significantly outnumbered Marauder's killed over 3,800 Japanese fighters. They brought the fight so hard and so aggressively to the Japanese in Burma that every man in the unit was awarded at least a Bronze Star for heroism during the campaign. The unit also received the extremely rare honor of being awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation. The Marauders are the direct forefathers of the modern 75th Ranger Regiment, and the Regimental beret flash's colors incorporate the colors of the Marauder's combat teams. We're privileged to be able to finally do a shirt in their honor.


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