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NCIC is Down T-Shirt

NCIC is Down T-Shirt

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There you are, standing in the rain with some shady dude in the middle of the night. He’s handed you an expired, out of state ID card that has clearly been used to cut some kind of white powdery substance in to thinner rails of white powdery substance. You key up that shoulder mic and call your dispatch to run that name and DOB. The sweet voice from the comm center tells you to send it, and you do. “Stand by.” So, you wait, and wait, and wait. Dude is getting all jumpy. You can see his eyes darting around, looking past you. Finally dispatch keys up and says those inevitable words you suspected were coming; “Be advised, NCIC is DOWN.” Of course it is. “Here’s your ID sir/ma’am, have a great evening, thanks for your cooperation.”

Fast forward to 15 minutes before shift change. Dispatch calls your unit number; “Be advised, that subject you were out with earlier came back, he’s wanted out of everywhere for everything.” Of course he is. If you’re a cop with more than 15 minutes on the road, you know the struggle. Spread the joy with this shirt.


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