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No Matter The Odds T-Shirt

No Matter The Odds T-Shirt

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What Americans have been known for, throughout history, are being the men and women who stand in the face of injustice and fight. We were unwilling to let the British dictate the terms of our freedom in 1776. We were unwilling to concede Europe to the Germans in 1917, and unwilling to concede it to the Nazis in 1941. We did not let authoritarian communism gain ground. We did not let socialism enslave us.

No matter the odds, no matter the challenge, we have always stood against tyranny and oppression and fought for liberty above all things.

We cannot, now, after all that has transpired, become mired in a swamp of partisan fighting, when we should be fighting harder than ever before to be the shining example of justice that other freedom-loving souls have aspired to attain.

There is no place for Nazis in America. There is no place for Fascists in America. They should only exist as embarrassing examples of failed spirits. They are people who lack the moral compass that has defined us. They want to take everything that we have fought for over the past 242 years and throw it away. They are the enemy and should be treated as such.

The defining characteristic of an American is to stand for what's right, no matter the odds.


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