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One Ass to Risk T-Shirt

One Ass to Risk T-Shirt

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Regular people make a lot of decisions in life that they consider risky. They make investments. They move across the country. They take a job with a small company. They date someone that isn?t their type. We fully appreciate that in the moment, these trivial things seem like a colossal deal. We put an inordinate amount of energy and time into ensuring that it?s the right job, the right significant other, or the right investment before we leap. We pine and pine about it until we?re as sure as we can be. Yet compared to putting one?s life on the line, they are insignificant decisions with very little at stake. This shirt is a reminder to those serving and protecting our community that men of action can occasionally become too bold. Risking their lives becomes ?normal? and sometimes the more seasoned the man, the more prone he is to view his risk as nothing more than a mundane part of life, just as we see the minor risks mentioned above. Don?t fall into that trap. Make the right call. Look out for yourself almost as much as your battle buddy. Come home safe. You only have one ass to risk.


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