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Opportunity is Work T-Shirt

Opportunity is Work T-Shirt

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Nothing replaces hard work. You're not going to retire off the Powerball. You're not going to buy a home if you play video games all day unless you're a professional gamer, which you're not. You can't purchase a car if you rise late and go to sleep early. Do you want nice things in life? Do you want, at the very least, basic things in life? Then you need to hustle. You need to get moving. You need to get dirty, take charge, sweat, sometimes bleed and push your sanity to the limit. Every person has the potential to do what they want. Unfortunately, many let their fears or general laziness get in the way. They want to go with the sure thing; The comfortable thing. Delayed gratification is a dying practice. This is your opportunity to stand out. This is your chance to take opportunity and turn it into success. You may have to start at the bottom. Good. You'll have the opportunity to learn more things on your way up. Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Do the work. Achieve success.


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