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Ranger Severest of Schools T-Shirt

Ranger Severest of Schools T-Shirt

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We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest of schools. TRANSLATION: It doesn?t matter what your daddy does. It doesn?t matter how good looking you are or where you came from. What matters is the work you put into your life and your trade. The men who have graduated from the school of all schools understand this. Once you have completed that grueling, torturous and unforgettable crash course PhD in warfare, you will walk away with a new outlook on life. Never again will you be intimidated by those who were born with advantages over you. You worked to exceed them. You suffered and became stronger than most can imagine. Sweat. Bleed. Suffer. Do these things and, I promise, you can face any man.


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