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Savage Gentleman Savage Within T-Shirt

Savage Gentleman Savage Within T-Shirt

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People are able to do horrific things to each other - lie, cheat, steal, and murder - all to get what they want. And invariably, the victims of these acts are always left surprised. "How did this happen?" they ask themselves.

It happened because they did not understand the nature of man. We are grossly imperfect. It is only through discipline that we maintain civilization. We decide to play by the rules. We decide to endeavor to be good. We decide that contribution to society is valuable. The best of us decide to be gentlemen.

But it isn't enough to be a gentleman. If you're only a gentleman, then you're hoping that others will be gentlemen. That they will play by the rules.

Most will, of course. Some won't.

And when those jackals come calling, you need to shed the skin of the gentleman and show them who you really are. You need to show them the savage that lies beneath.

And they will not like what they see.

Beneath the trappings of civilization lies a savage deep within.


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