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Seabees T-Shirt

Seabees T-Shirt

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Navy Seabees have a storied history of being the military's fighting builders. The word SeaBee actually comes from the abbreviation for Construction Battalion (C.B.), which is their official moniker in the Navy. With a motto of "Can Do", they show up right alongside initial ground forces and build the very fabric of our overseas bases.

Seabees were created because the vast array of civilian construction forces that the U.S. employed were not respected by the Japanese. If they fought back while under attack, they would be considered guerrillas and could be summarily executed. If they didn't fight back, they were executed anyway. While initially shocked by the Japanese viciousness, the U.S. solved this problem by finding a skilled craftsmen with the will to fight when necessary.

I have a special place in my heart for the Seabees as my grandfather spent World War II in a Construction Battalion. Later, when deployed, I watched the Seabees turn mud into hut over and over again and build the infrastructure that allowed us to do our jobs.

Can do.


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