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Sons of Liberty T-Shirt

Sons of Liberty T-Shirt

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Patrick Henry. John Hancock. Paul Revere. John Adams. And of course, America's favorite brewer/patriot, Sam Adams. These men are a minute fraction of the great men who led the Sons of Liberty during the American Revolution. Formed in 1765 in Colonial Boston, the Sons of Liberty soon spread wings in the form of similar organizations in all the colonies. They adopted the symbol of a vertical red and white flag, representative of the nine colonies that resisted the Stamp Act. Some believe this flag was the basis for the stripes on the current U.S. Flag. The Sons of Liberty were patriots who fought against the oppression of the British crown. They successfully made the Stamp Act unenforceable, all but eliminated the effectiveness of the Townshend Act, and famously dumped tons of tea into Boston Harbor as a result of the Tea Act, in what became known as the Boston Tea Party. Most importantly, the Sons of Liberty acted as a rallying point for colonial patriots unhappy with the Crown. Meetings would be held at Liberty Trees throughout the colonies and men young and old would attend without prejudice to station in life. The core principles for our Bill of Rights were forming. Our Sons of Liberty design showcases a crest made of the vertical flag, the Boston Liberty Tree, and the crossed rifles of the colonial militia, which eventually became the symbol for the American Infantry. We hope you like it as much as we do. The quote on the back is from another famous Patriot, LTC Jack Burton, who taught us the valuable lesson that "Son of bitch must pay."


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