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Special Forces T-Shirt

Special Forces T-Shirt

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But what about Special Forces? Well, a lot actually. Their lineage dates back to include more than 200 years of unconventional warfare history, starting with the Revolutionary War's "Swamp Fox" Francis Marion, and then ripping through our history on a tear of awesomeness that includes the WWII OSS Jedburgh Teams, OSS Detachment 101 in Burma, and the Alamo Scouts. Officially established in 1952, Special Forces soldiers have kicked serious ass on pretty much every square inch of this globe including, but certainly not limited to Vietnam (17 Medals of Honor), El Salvador, Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and in Operation Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa. Their motto, De Oppresso Liber, dates back from their days supporting the French Resistance in WWII and means To Free the Oppressed. To this day, Special Forces soldiers are the only troops specifically trained in Unconventional Warfare and many Special Forces Detachment Alpha Teams spend much of their time training indigenous troops in their unique combat methodologies. Among the finest fighting troops anywhere on the planet, Special Forces soldiers are known by their Green Berets, a garment that traces its lineage to back to Army Rangers and OSS troops being awarded the distinctive headgear upon completing the British Commando course. Though never authorized by the U.S. Army, Special Forces soldiers ?illegally? wore them for years until President Kennedy approved them as official headgear in 1961. Finally, and perhaps most importantly: Tim Kennedy and B.A. Baracus are both Weapons Sergeants.


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