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Sunshine Patriot T-Shirt

Sunshine Patriot T-Shirt

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Turmoil is not a new concept for the American people. In our short, yet extraordinary, history we have fought and succeeded through a revolution, numerous foreign incursions, a civil war, several assassinations, a number of financial depressions, a cold war, and multiple cultural revolutions. Throughout all of the strife, we still stand today.

We stand because of the individuals in our population who exemplify the same fortitude and vision of our founding fathers. Men and women whose lives revolve around upholding America's founding principles - men and women willing to give all for the rest. They are the doers. They are about action. It's easy to speak of freedom and how to achieve it, to bask in the sunshine of peace and prosperity.

But those who love liberty and what she affords you will fight for it. They understand that many who preach freedom will eventually run when the time for action has come. The doers have little concern for the sunshine patriots. We're in it for the long haul. We know where our place will be when history calls our name. America, the bastion of independence, is alive today because of those who live by the Constitution and expect others to do the same. America still stands because of those brave Americans who understand that freedom is paid for in blood, not chatter.


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