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The Purpose of the Constitution T-Shirt

The Purpose of the Constitution T-Shirt

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We've grown comfortable. Every politician likes to invoke the spirits of our founding fathers, but few either understand or truly believe the principles that they espoused. Our Founders fought a war in order to preserve our inalienable rights. Begrudgingly, they gave the Federal Government just enough power to give our nation strength, but the Constitution was not established to grant the government power, but to limit its ability to garner power. You see, the last thing they wanted was the thing that has happened with all governments throughout time the government becomes corrupt and the powerful few control the masses. The government cannot keep us from speaking our mind. The government cannot take from us our weapons. The government cannot break into our homes to search our personal property. In short, the government does not grant us power. We grant it power. We allow it to exist. The Purpose of the Constitution is to limit the power of the Government, not the American People.


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