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The Watchers T-Shirt

The Watchers T-Shirt

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It's hard to explain to people who have never done it. You train and sweat and suffer, all the time being told: "this will make you stronger in case it happens". There are days when you believe it and there are days when you don't. On the days when you don't, your peers and leaders hold you accountable. They help you push. They make you better. Iron sharpens iron.

Some people go years having to hold this discipline. Others are tested early. But the reality is that we are the watchers. We're there just in case. We're there for that moment when everyone else is running away and we have to run forward. We're there for the day when the ambush kicks off when the rounds ping by our head when the routine traffic stop turns into a fight for our life.

We didn't know today would be the day. We never know. Every day starts the same. Every day has moments of comfort. Every day is routine.

Until it isn't.

We are the watchers, guarding dark borders. Trained for years, to respond in seconds.


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