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Thin Blue Line Shamrock T-Shirt

Thin Blue Line Shamrock T-Shirt

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The Irish-American cop: a stereotype embedded in American law enforcement folklore. There was a time when employment in municipal police departments didn't offer the benefits, pay, and promise of career advancement like today. You got that job because it was a job and you just needed to put food on the table. There was no romantic tradition of the police that many wanted to follow. Being a cop was what you had to do to survive. Enter the mass Irish migration to America's northeast. Police work became a career field that many fell into out of necessity, and it stuck. Generation after generation of Irish and Irish-Americans flooded into police departments as they increasingly professionalized themselves, especially in cities like New York? the definitive prototype for the American cop. When you have a dominant ethnic group in any type of job field, their cultural traditions will impact the culture of that particular work. There's a reason why Amazing Grace has been the staple song for fallen police in America. It was born from the Irish. We're land rich with cultural diversity. Every police department in America is or, at the very least, should be a reflection of the local population. There are a large amount of Cuban-American cops in Miami. Go to Minnesota and chances are your local PD will have a lot of names that end with "son" or "guard," a glimpse into the large Norwegian-American presence. San Antonio has a lot of Mexican-American cops, Boston a lot of Irish-American cops, San Francisco a lot of Chinese-American cops, Atlanta a lot of African-American cops, and so on. But as they always say, every American has some Irish in them on St. Patrick's Day. The American police officer has a little in them, as well.


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