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Unapologetically American Flag Hoodie

Unapologetically American Flag Hoodie

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The Unapologetically American Flag Hoodie is back! This awesome super soft hoodie has a faded battle weary American Flag running along its shoulder with the phrase "Unapologetically American" embossed over the image. America is awesome. We're not perfect. We're a little cocky. We spend a little too much money. Our politicians are assclowns who just as easily could be replaced with drunken monkeys making decisions by throwing darts at the "Wheel of Policy". On the whole though, in the history of mankind there has been no country that has been a greater force of good. There has been no country that has devoted so much time, people, and treasure to fighting for a world that is free of tyranny - one that gives every man, woman, and a child a say in how the story of their lives will unfurl. A lot of people out there would read this passage and mock it...and those people will really hate it when you wear this shirt. God Bless America.


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