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Women's Bah HMMWV Tee

Women's Bah HMMWV Tee

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Ebenezer Smaj was a grumpy old soul

Short like an elf, mean like a troll

Ebenezer Smaj hated Christmas you see

So that’s why I decided to get him a tree

I went to the motor pool

And found one that started

Cranked up the engine

To the forest, I darted

“This one!” I said

It was fluffy and tall

I chopped with my e-tool

And soon it would fall

Tree in tow and back through the gate

Right past the pond where the Specialists skate

In to base housing where his lights were still on

I unloaded that tree right there in the lawn

Ebenezer Smaj yelled “Get off the grass!”

As small drops of bourbon sloshed from his glass

I turned around and started to flee

But then I remembered

I brought him a tree

“Merry Christmas Mr. Smaj!”

I said with a grin

Just as he dropped

The hand grenade pin

There was no joy for him to be had

He was just going to be

grumpy and sad

“Get out of here, and take your tree!” and he slammed his door with a

“Bah, HMMWV!”


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