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Women's Choose Your Weapon Tee

Women's Choose Your Weapon Tee

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There are as many types of lure as there are fish. Seriously, it’s crazy. Spinnerbait, crankbait, jigs, buzz bait, worms, crickets, even other fish. You have to pick the right weapon for the task at hand. Proper tool for the job so to speak. Are you fresh water, salt water, pier, surf, fly, pond, or stream fishing? What kind of fish do you want to hook? Hell, what time of day is it? So many factors, man. Fishing is as much science and art as it is sport.
Fishing is not uniquely American by any means, but the idea that we as a culture have taken what is a means of survival for the rest of the world and made a sport out of it speaks to our success, or our excess. For people like us however, it merely indicates that American self-reliance is alive and well. We have some luxuries, but we damn sure don’t need them. Fishing is independence. And we all know a bad day on the water is better than a great day at work.
Now Choose Your Weapon.


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