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Women's Currahee Tee

Women's Currahee Tee

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June 6, 1944. They jumped. D-Day, the largest invasion in modern history, must have been a sight to see. Among the many brave who stormed the beaches, came from the air and provided support were those who jumped from the sky. Airborne was a relatively new concept in warfare, and D-Day was one of its first big tests. And as time has gone by, we realize it has been the biggest test. Among the paratroopers who fell into northern France were those trained at Camp Toccoa in rural Georgia. In that hot, desolate and unforgiving location, they learned the art of the fall. One of the local landmarks was a formidable mountain called Currahee. These paratroopers, long before they went into Europe, were pushed to the brink of physical exhaustion on her trails. Those who weren't ready to be Airborne were, quite often, weeded out on the mountain. For those who survived the grueling training, the mountain's Cherokee name became a perfect representation of the group of men in the Airborne: stand alone, together. Perhaps one of the most famous rituals before the Normandy Invasion was the paratroopers who adorned themselves in Native American war paint before the jump, some going as far as to give themselves Mohawks. Those were the men of Toccoa. Those were the men who climbed Currahee.


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