Women's If You Think Things Can't Any Get Worse Tee

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Only in the military can you be at the very bottom of the driest barrel in the entire universe and have things go to sh*t from there. You’re in the field, it’s either stupid hot or stupid cold, none of your gear works, all of your batteries are dead, and you put on that one pair of trousers with that seam on the inside of the crotch that rubs you raw no matter what you do. “It can’t get any worse", you think to yourself. WRONG. Now it’s raining. Not a downpour mind you, just that slow, steady, Forrest Gump rain that turns everything to a muddy slip and slide. Oh, you sweet, innocent, naïve idiot. It can always get worse.
Oh, I’m getting shot at. Well, at least they don’t have mortars…
It can always get worse. You’re in the military.


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