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Women's Nice Tee

Women's Nice Tee

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Naughty and Nice

Dark and light. Good and evil. Yin and Yang. Eugene Stoner and Mikhail Kalashnikov. AR and AK. One cannot exist without the other. Duality. Balance.

For decades we have equated good and evil with the two most prolific combat rifles ever produced. What better way to represent Naughty and Nice at Christmas? Of course, we’re using the AK and the AR. Duh. Buy them together for that perfect Christmas party pairing or separately depending on which side of the fence you’re on.

Are you the one that’s three “adult eggnogs” in standing under the missile toe with your zipper half down and an uncomfortable amount of lip balm caked on your face?


Are you the one that brings a bottle of wine (with a cork) to the office get together and manages to keep your shirt tucked in the entire night. You know, the dork that offers rides to people because you “don’t like to get wasted in social settings” and you’re “fine to drive”.

You know who you are. Choose wisely.


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