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Women's Non-Typical American Tee

Women's Non-Typical American Tee

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Bucks and bulls usually grow a petty symmetrical rack, but occasionally that just isn’t the case. Every once in awhile, you see that one misfit with the bad hair day. It could be as subtle as one more point on the left than the right, or as obvious as elventyseven points going in ten directions and a headlight from a ’57 Ford truck in the middle. And maybe that set of antlers is just a bit more desirable because that buck isn’t average, or normal, or typical. And who the hell wants any of those things?
The contributing factors that make a buck grow a non-typical rack are pretty similar to what makes people like us non-typical Americans. We are the product of our environment, a culmination of our experiences. An outward expression of how we heal our wounds or some really awesome genetics. We’re just a little different. A bit above average. A little more buck than the rest of the heard. And we’re damn proud of it.


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