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Women's Once You Wrestle Tee

Women's Once You Wrestle Tee

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Looking back, you can't believe the journey you've been on. The first day you showed up, you just got destroyed. Little kids, big kids, medium-sized kids: they all seemed to move ten times faster and know twenty times more. You'd never taken a beating like that in your entire life.

It hurt your ego. You weren't as tough as you thought you were. A part of you wanted to never come back, and most of the kids you started with, didn't. They disappeared and made jokes about not wanting to wrestle with guys in lycra, but you knew why they left. It was too damn hard.

You started to get good and you made the varsity team. And you got destroyed by the older kids. Then you started to win a few. Then you won more still.

You learned that the more work you put in, the better the results. Wrestling is the ultimate meritocracy. You earn exactly what you deserve, what you worked to achieve. You got no more or less than that.

Once you've wrestled, everything else is easy.


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