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Women's Sanbo Tee

Women's Sanbo Tee

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Alone. His elves dead or captured, all eight tiny reindeer forced into prison camps. He stares blankly at the ruins of the once majestic workshop as the embers glowed inside. Thick, acrid smoke hangs in the air blackening all that it touches. The toy bag that once spread joy across the world now hangs limply over his shoulder filled only with nightmares. Rage explodes from his lungs, his booming voice shatters the dark, red sky; “Hoooooo! Hoooooo! Hooooo!”

Now is the time for a reckoning. Sanbo is back, and he’s seeking vengeance. No one, not even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, will stop him from visiting wrath on those that would seek to destroy Christmas. No more Jolly ‘Ol Saint Nick. Gone is Father Christmas. He lives to destroy darkness.

And make toys.

And deliver them to kids.

But first, revenge.


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