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Women's Santus Barbarias Father of The Northern Elves Tee

Women's Santus Barbarias Father of The Northern Elves Tee

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So, there we were, true story. Pre-Christmas design meeting. Everyone is pitching their holiday-themed ideas, candy canes, elves, guns, the usual stuff. Then the inevitable nonsense starts flying around the room. Crazy shit, you know? Santa with NODS, AR/AK designs, a Santa, Rambo hybrid. As the room starts to settle down, Nick happens.
Nick: Let’s do a ripped Santa riding a ripped war horse looking Blitzen reindeer.
Room: ….uhm
Nick: With a battle ax and laser eyes.
Nick: He’s not wearing a shirt.
Room: Bro…
Nick: We’re doing it.
Designers: That’s, uhm, gonna have to be hand-drawn and…
Nick: We’re doing it.
And that’s how you got this shirt.
We recommend wearing this to any elementary school holiday event with your kids or other impressionable children. Also great for stuffy office parties or just around town to get people in that Christmas spirit. Because that’s what Santa does, he makes Christmas spirits. Ho. Ho. Ho.


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