Women's The Boston Massacre Tee

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March 5, 1770, tensions between the Americans and the British boiled over and a Boston mob challenged British regulars in front of the statehouse on King St. The British opened fire, killing a number of civilians. This became a rally for the public to dig in against British influence and set the stage for the American Revolution.

Each coffin represents a Patriot who was killed by the British at the Boston Massacre. Henry Knox, a 19-year bookseller, warmed the British Captain "If you fire, you must die for it."

British Captain Thomas Preston wrote about the conflict, “None of them was a hero. The victims were troublemakers who got more than they deserved. The soldiers were professionals…who shouldn’t have panicked? The whole thing shouldn’t have happened.”

It wasn't a well defined moment of oppression that caused this spark to help light the American Revolution but instead the stubborn and constant fire of the Northeast coastal Bostonians. This shirt is for anyone cut from the same cloth as those men and women that say, "When there's a worthwhile fight to be had, we'll be there to fight it."


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